Summer Reading: The End is in Sight

Ragweed aside, September is one of my favorite months of the year. It's back-to-school and it harbors the possibility of cooler weather. You can still wear sandals, but sneakers are equally comfortable in the fluctuating weather.

However, with chillier mornings come the interruption of allegedly important things, like required reading and weatherizing.

It also means that the summer reading club members are stretching their legs and starting to brush the sand off the towels. Oh, we haven't closed the giant umbrella, and the ice is still chilling our drinks in the cooler... but we can't help but notice that every sunset comes a little earlier.

I don't review my start-of-summer list on Labor Day — no good will come of that — but I can't help but notice the nightstand is just a little more crowded than it was on Memorial Day.

Okay, let's be honest, it's differently crowded, and tipping toward insanity.

A few books not on the original list are peeking out from the stacks.

There's the book I started earlier and put down because it was too tense, but it made Melanie think, so I have to restart it.

There's the "professional development" book I read because it secretly made me feel like a badass.

There's the lucky library find that should have been checked out simultaneously by a hundred different people.

There's the book fair delight Carole and I will begin next week.

And there's the intimidating book I keep promising to start yet again.

Oh, and did I mention Fall for the Book announced this year's authors, and I already have most of their books? (Now, reading them all by October 10-12: that's a challenge I'm ready to face!)

My summer was supposed to be filled with sequel upon sequel (admittedly risky) and the stuff I wanted to power through (like Hamilton). Oh, I haven't totally abandoned the sequels. However, it also is full of things I didn't know I needed, and a few surprises. I can live with that.

How has your summer reading surprised you so far? Tell us in the comments below, or send me an email!