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Filling in the 'Gaps' in 2016

Do you think classic books (even modern classics) are best left to students? Or do you indulge throughout your life? I am in the latter camp. I read some great books in school, but there are too many good books to simply stop because no grades are involved. As a result, I have begun "Filling in the Gaps" of my reading. The original challenge was to make a list of 100 books to read in five years. My list was originally published in 2010 , was ambitious — and one that was destined to change. I realized some books were not worth reading after all, and others I discovered I already had read. Additionally, the list was influenced by an interactive project with my friend Carole: Weighty Reads, in which we chose 20 books to read together in the next decade, with a few related books tucked into our repertoire along the way. Frankly, one should adjust one's list as time goes on. Is Asimov as important as Bradbury? Should I keep three Dickens at the cost of