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Summer Reading: How's it Going?

Everyone in the Book World has been heralding "summer reading" since March. Hopefully, you've taken up the torch (or, perhaps, flashlight ) for the cause. What are you reading? Myself, I've been bouncing all over the place. I've read fiction and non-fiction, listened to audiobooks, uploaded books to my e-reader, lugged hardbacks and paperbacks to the park, on vacation, and my backyard. Here are a few of my favorites: Ghost Fleet — What will World War III look like? This book supposes the event to take place at an unspecified time in the late 2000s. An archnemeses of the United States takes it upon themselves to restructure the world order, and we meet the key players on both sides. It read like a movie in my head. The characters were diverse and powerful, and the story riveting. Written in 2014 by military-technology experts, we got a glimpse of how it might go down. If you read the e-book, you can skip the embedded footnotes, which add nothing to the story but a