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Bookstore Day is April 28: How Will You Celebrate?

I love bookstores. Big bookstores, little bookstores, mega-bookstores, chains, indie shops. Brick-and-mortar or mail order. Used or new, thrift store, department store, or dedicated bookstore, I'm in. In fact, I will find book sections in stores to shop — just ask the folks at the gift shop in Harpers Ferry National Park. So, when Twitter told me about Bookstore Day, I didn't need to be told twice. Nor did it take much to remind me that I can visit multiple bookstores on that day, and I set about mapping my visits. My kryptonite is older used books. If someone else has loved the book, I love it even more. I have been known to purchase used books as gifts — which may sound gauche, but as I ask myself with no discernible irony, who wouldn't like a hardback early edition of The Godfather ? (To go with the cheap paperback loaner copy, of course. I mean, one doesn't loan out one's first-string books!) So, here in Northern Virginia, I will hit a few indie and us