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Bookstore Day: My Catch Was Amazing!

This year, April 28 was a very busy day in my household. First of all, it was World Tai Chi Qigong Day, so my family spent the cool morning at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. The afternoon, however, was spent with books. My first stop was One More Page Books . In addition to oodles of tomes, the store featured a bookseller bake-off, hourly raffles, and lots of recommendations. I blew my budget at this little bookstore, but it was worth it: the staff was helpful and enthusiastic, and did I mention the bake-off? Invictus  has been described as "Doctor Who meets Guardians of the Galaxy," both bonuses in my book (so to speak). I haven't read anything by this author, so I can't wait to see how a time-traveling thief meets his destiny. Alternate history involving the British crown? Count me in with  That Inevitable Victorian Thing . It takes place in the near-future, which makes it even more intriguing, and sounds a little akin to Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next