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Library Loot: At Least, What the Cat Will Reveal

I love My Library. Often I visit virtually, but I treasure my trips to the wonderful building. I traveled to my local branch Friday afternoon, and I carried out some really good books on home organization, world history, sci fi, and more. My cat Ginger — pictured below with (or, rather, on) my library loot — supports my reading, as long as my lap remains available for her occupation. So far, so good. My Library helped me channel my Inner Organizer with a few books on home organization and decluttering. When I got the message from the library that my books were ready, I hurried on over to pick up: Love the home you have Living simple, free & happy: how to simplify, declutter your home and reduce stress, debt, and waste Knack organizing your home: decluttering solutions and storage ideas Whether or not any of that wisdom sticks, My Library did its part. I had considered writing a Haggadah for my family because I had yet to find one that inspired me (nothing personal,