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Fill in the Gaps, the 2011 Edition

In February 2010, I finalized my Fill in the Gaps Book list .  I made a few adjustments when I realized I had read a few on my original list, and I removed a few when I discovered I was heavy with books by a single author (see strikethroughs below).  I also made a tiny dent in the list (see checks below) and added a few new titles (see green entries below marked with an "N"). I'm still determining the status of All That Dickens and Should I Dumas to That Extent, but I think I'm good with the balance of books on the list.  As you can see from the strikethroughs, I have a few more books to choose, so I'll take suggestions . In the meanwhile, this is the status of this daunting task. Chris' Fill in the Gaps Book List 1001 Nights / Arabian Nights Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe Highsmoor Peter Ackroyd Foundation Isaac Asimov Pride and Prejudice