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Best Books Read in 2019

I read some really enjoyable books in 2019 , and a lot of titles — in part because I didn't stay in my lane.  I read a lot of graphic novels, courtesy of My Library's ample "Graphic Novel" section. It's suspiciously close to the YA section and the Teen Center, but that doesn't slow me down. In fact, it speeds me up: kids these days have the coolest stuff! I read some picture books and chapter books. First of all, I don't know why more adults aren't hooked on Mr. Putter and Tabby. (Maybe they are and I just haven't learned the secret wink.) At any rate, people of all ages can appreciate an elderly man and his older cat who get into scrapes with his elderly neighbor and her good dog. I read The Odyssey in audio, print, graphic novel, and e-book — and discovered that not all booked deemed "classics" stand the test of time, and may not have deserved that recognition in the first place. My opinion was reaffirmed when I read a book