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Summer Reading: Karen Made It Count

Intrepid Reader Karen had a great summer reading. How great? Well, it looks like she consumed the entire Outlander series and immersed herself in cozy mysteries.  Did you know "cozy mysteries" is a thing? I have been reading them for ages and just thought that was my author's pet name for her series.  "Cozy mysteries" apparently involve cats saving humans from their own foolishness. (Maybe it's just me....) Well, I know my cats are exhausted each night after they keep me out of danger every day, even when I am at work — thanks to the Cat Networks. At any rate, here is what Karen read this summer: Troublemaker  Outlander  Dragonfly in Amber  Voyager  Drums of Autumn  The Fiery Cross A Breath of Snow and Ashes  An Echo in the Bone Written in my Own Heart’s Blood  Murder in the Art Gallery  A Sip of Murder:A Japanese Tea Garden Mystery  Cream Puff Murder Gone with the Ghost  You’ve Got Tail The Secret of Seaside  Cruel Candy  Ma