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Summer Reading Message: A Rockin' and Readin' 2020

How has "stay-at-home" treated you, my fellow readers? 

My bookish friends: Have you haunted Little Free Libraries? Have you discovered every curbside bookstore pickup in your area, or maybe mail-ordered more than your fair share?

My e-readers: Have you checked out every ebook you Library offers, or been sucked in to amazing sales from your ebook suppliers?

My listeners: Are you catching up on your already-ample collection? Have you discovered just how many audiobook services your Library offers? Or are you a newbie, discovering the world of audiobooks — and are you a fan? 

I wish I could say I've been able to find comfort and distraction in books, but the truth of the matter is that the pandemic has reduced my reading time and energy. A week ago I didn't even realize it was May, let alone almost Memorial Day. By the end of the very long workdays — because every day is a workday right now — my brain is full.

But all is not lost. I surrendered my exercise-headphones ban an…