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Review: Luckiest Girl Alive

Critics think they are doing Jessica Knoll a favor by comparing her debut novel to Gillian Flynn's books. They are not.  I, as a reader, was led to expect an entirely different book than I got. Is Luckiest Girl Alive suspenseful? Sure.  Does it tease out the story with plenty of foreboding and dangling clues and teasers? You bet.  Are there some surprises in there? A few.  In fact, it's one of the best-written books I've read in a while. However, the hype around the book influenced my reading of it, which wasn't fair to me, Knoll or poor TifAni.   As the book opens, Ani FaNelli is living the life of her dreams. She works not at just any magazine, but The Women's Magazine . She isn't just engaged, but engaged to a blue-blood, Old Money bachelor with an obscenely wealthy family. Her address, her clothes, even her friends are Just Right — rich in all the right ways, and all because of fiancé Luke. She is starving herself into

Poetry Wednesday: Chocolate — and Looking Forward to National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month begins in April, so here's a tasty morsel to help you get ready! Chocolate Velvet fruit, exquisite square I hold up to sniff between finger and thumb - how you numb me with your rich attentions! If I don't eat you quickly, you'll melt in my palm. Pleasure seeker, if i let you you'd liquefy everywhere. Knotted smoke, dark punch of earth and night and leaf, for a taste of you any woman would gladly crumble to ruin. Enough chatter: I am ready to fall in love!  by Rita Dove courtesy Poem Hunter

Review: Beastly Bones

In Beastly Bones , William Ritter has created another delightful tale with the astute R.F. Jackaby and clever Abigail Rook, who are on the case of shapeshifters, dinosaur bones and a few more otherworldly creatures (including humans). This tale may begin with kittens, but don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. This is a fast-paced story, a mystery wrapped in a riddle with lots of excitement and revelations. It is funny and poignant, clever and revealing. Jackaby is a detective who specializes in the supernatural. Abigail fled England to find opportunity beyond the boundaries enforced by her family. It's 1892, and her options are limited — until she meets Jackaby and joins one of the most unique and delightful detective agencies on this side of the Atlantic. Beastly Bones jumps right into the thick of things with shapeshifters who, for the time being, are adorable kittens (mostly). Their owner soon meets an unfortunate end, and Jackaby and Miss Rook