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Summer Reading: Poking Along

Not to brag, but my reading is poking along at a speed that would get it run off the road in any country. Just kidding.  About the bragging part, that is. Seriously, I am putting along at an embarrassingly slow pace. So far, in the nine weeks of summer reading, I've read a whopping 11 books. Eleven. Please note that last year, I read more than two dozen books. Granted, quite a few were graphic novels, but we established that such a fete is not "cheating" because the visual details in a graphic novel are intense and must be studied carefully. I am mixing it up this summer. I just finished the book for  Dear Evan Hansen , which required listening to the soundtrack as well as reading the story. It's more than dialogue. It's also stage direction. That &$%# ain't easy. I am cutting myself some slack because the book I read immediately before that was The Devil's Arithmetic . I have to thank The New Yorker article on Holocaust books for c