Hey, Poetry Lover: Share!

from Poetry in Motion (PIM)
Hey, Poetry Lover!

Yes, I mean you. 

Just the other day, you came across that poem that surprised you, touched you, made you think. You might not have even meant to read poetry, but there it was, and there you were — moved.

You wanted to remember it, share it, make sure others could feel that same way. 
Maybe you clipped it out to stick in your wallet, used it as a bookmark, stuck it on the fridge, pinned it to Pinterest.

Maybe it was a song lyric, and you've bookmarked that video so you can watch it over and over.

Now do one more thing with that wonderful poem: share it with me.

I am always looking for great poems to share (and not just for National Poetry Month in April!). Yours could be the one that changes a life, changes a mind, changes an attitude — like it did with you.

I don't have to tell people the poem came from you, especially if you have a rep you want to uphold. (We all do.) 

Plus, you never know if your poem donation will come with a reward. I've been known to share poetry books, from time to time, with other poetry lovers. 

So, send me those poems that got under your skin. You and I both will be glad you did.