Failing 'A Month of Letters'

I have come to terms with my failure.

Which is a lie — because if I was okay with it, I wouldn't mention it. Still whistling past the graveyard on this one.

Look, I knew A Month of Letters was going to be a challenge. I knew at least a week of my time was going to be spoken for. However, I though, "Self, how hard is it to dash off an extra note or two every couple of days?"

Well, that would have been great if work hadn't exploded.

Okay, that was in part my own doing. A couple of weeks off work backs up the system. In this world, we seem to have no redundancy: if I don't [fill in the blank], then it doesn't get done. I can live with that at home; I have enough socks and underwear for a coon's age for that very reason. (The "dregs" may be dicey, but I always drive more carefully when I don those.) (Kudos if you got that reference.) But work? At work, I have only the socks and underwear I have on me. I know, everyone is in the same sad boat, blah blah blah. But it is relevant.

Then projects piled up. An extra three hours at work most days of the week will take a toll on one's letter-writing time. (I'm just sayin' is all.)

So: extra time at work means something has to give. In February, it was letter-writing. (And vacuuming.)

I didn't totally fail: 14 letters and packages were written and readied. One package still is in my car, but — see "blah blah blah" above. Hopefully that will be remedied today, Post Office willing.

However, I know at least one friend was faithful to A Month of Letters: my proof is tied up with a ribbon. It was lovely seeing a pastel pink, green or blue envelope from Karen sitting in the mailbox nearly every day.  On days there were no filled envelopes waiting for me, I have to admit I was a little sad. Some days the letters came two or three at a time. Other times I had a single card, like a single rosebud in a dainty vase, waiting for me.

I want to bring that delight to others.

I have the notecards, paper/envelopes and postage waiting for me, so I'll continue as best I can. I'll make this a More than A Month of Letters.

How about you? How did your letter-writing go? Let's share!