Summer Reading: Down to the Wire!

Is your summer reading program completed, now that school is in full swing and you are back to the grind, the sand swept out of the car and the cardigan is gently hung in the closet? Or are you a "late" reader, with summer reading extending until the lunar end of the season: the autumnal equinox?

Either way, I hope your summer reading was successful and fun.

I am among the latter — as are all those who joined Chris' Summer Reading Challenge. Summer lingers for a while after Labor Day, even though the days are drawing to a close earlier with every passing sunset. The nights are cooler, but the sun remains strong — and reading, any kind of reading, remains a joy. Summer continues through September 22 this year, so those who are up for the challenge have a little longer to consume their summer reading list.

Those who joined Chris' Summer Reading Challenge have until another 11 days to finish their summer reading. Please send me your completed reading list (title and author of books) consumed between June 13 and September 22. Also, please let me know how you plan to donate time or funds to your local library or literacy program.  Karen and Stacy have kept me abreast of their reading, which has been exciting, and Karen and I will discuss The Great Stink this week. (I'll post a review soon, but I have one word for you: wow!)

If you're the reader with the heftiest consumed list, you will receive the book of your choice. (If you don't remember this part of the deal, catch up on it here.)

Okay, get back to your books, and we'll chat again soon. Happy reading!