Review: How To Be A Woman

Caitlin Moran is like the girlfriend you always wanted, or always wanted to be. She's honest, smart, quick-witted and funny as hell — and so is her book, How To Be A Woman.

She also knows how to go too far at the right time. There were a couple of stories and quips where I had to hang on for dear life to read. I may not have had a similar life, but I assure you I've had some of the same thoughts, ideas and experience.

I don't know if I'd have the same conversations with my husband about my daughter's vagina, but let's just say if I did, I'd feel better knowing someone else had, too. She wrote enough to make me realize I'm not the only one — on so many topics.

I also loved her chapters on underwear, menstruation, sexism and declaring her feminism. I heard a friend say she didn't think she was a feminist, but she was an educated professional with her own bank account and the family's sole provider. When I asked her what she thought feminism was, she thought for a moment, then thought some more. "I wouldn't stand on a chair," she finally said. But yeah, she realized she's a feminist after all. (You're welcome.)

In the end, Caitlin made me laugh a lot, cry a little, and think. I loved the book and plan to read it again. And again. Then pick up her new book, Moranthology, so I can ready even more of her writing. (For the record: I have pre-ordered it. Look for it on UK sources.)

She may not be for everybody, but everybody should give her a try.

And for the record, I loved Aslan. Still do, in fact. Thank you for saying it out loud first, Caitlin.