What's on My Nightstand, June 2012

I've cleared off my nightstand lately, finishing a few books that were lurking and keeping a few in rotation. Here's the current lineup.

First of all, I need a little book junk food, and I think Moning will fit the bill.

Second, I want to finish The God of Small Things — just because.

Then there's The Hunger Games. I can't wait to discuss this with Valerie.

I am really excited to start The Illumination. I liked Kevin Brockmeier's novel The Brief History of the Dead, and I hope this one lives up to my expectations.

The biggest surprise on this list, however, is at the top of the stack: an e-book.

I could tell you it's a free copy of Edgar Rice Burrough's A Princess of Mars. I could tell you I checked out the paperback twice from the library and ran out of time on both attempts to read it. I could tell you a lot of things that make me sound defensive, but I won't. I'm trying out an e-book a way that makes me comfortable. So far, so good: I read 18 percent of it today. (Yeah, that will take some getting used to... I mean, what do I do with my bookmarks?)

I like the book-like Kindle Fire cover, though. Reminds me what it's all about.

What's on your nightstand?