How Are You Celebrating Children's Book Week?

It doesn't take much to stoke my interest in a book.  If I read a note in a magazine or see a title that amuses me, I'll read it. I don't care who the intended audience may be.

So when I read about a scientist discussing dinosaur feces in a book, I was excited.

I was even more excited to see it was written for children — especially with Children's Book Week being celebrated May 7-13.

Did you know that the science of studying fossilized dung was named long before the first dinosaur was?

Do you know how to tell what kind of dinosaur eliminated what waste?

Do you even know how to tell the difference between waste and other fossils?

Read this and find out those, and many more, answers.

Then choose your next favorite children's book and read that, too. You have all week to read it up. I think I'll find my new (to me!) copy of Ginger Pye, in honor of another Ginger:

Ginger Galore!

Now we can return to our regularly scheduled blog.

I also will check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid from my local library so I can discuss it with my godson, who also read it recently.

Don't forget to thank your librarian(s) for their excellent service: without libraries, I shudder to think where we might be. (Even though National Library Week was last month, I celebrate it year-round.)