Haiku and a Pup Close Out Children's Book Week

Dogku by Andrew Clements
Only poetry and cute dog illustrations could end Children's Book Week on a high note.

Have you met the stray dog in Dogku?

Here, let the author describe his book:

A tale in haiku
of one adorable dog.
Let's find him a home.

 With a face like that, what would you do: close the door or make a new friend?

I made more than just a new friend. I made a poetry contest and sold multiple copies of the book — none of them to "juvenile" readers. Classifications serve strictly as guidelines.

As the late Maurice Sendak once said, he never wrote books for children. He wrote books. His publishers marketed them to children. However, it's a wise reader who jumps genres and age categories to find the next best book. Let your inner child guide you around the library to introduce you to Mr. Putter, Mr. Larson or Mrs. Teaberry.

Who knows: you may find plenty of new friends along the way.