Polar Book Club: Discussion Begins in Three, Two...

We are mere days away from the discussion of the Polar Book Club. Are you ready?

Join us in reading and discussing the novel The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster by Scott Wilbanks. It has two of my favorite plot devices: time travel and mystery.

The author of the novel, Scott Wilbanks, offers a delightfully concise and tantalizing description of his novel:
Annabelle Aster has discovered a curious thing behind her home in San Francisco: a letter box perched atop a picket fence. The note inside is blunt—“Trespass is dealt with at the business end of a shotgun in these parts!”— spurring some lively correspondence between the Bay Area orphan and her new neighbor, a feisty widow living in a nineteenth century Kansas wheat field. 

The source of mischief is an antique door Annie installed at the rear of her house. The man who made the door—a famed Victorian illusionist—died under mysterious circumstances. Annie and her new neighbor, with the help of friends and strangers alike, must solve the mystery of what connects them across time before one of them is convicted of a murder that is yet to happen... and somehow already did.

I know: fascinating, right?

Don't wait for anyone else: you can start the conversation! Leave a comment on the blog, below, or email me your impressions and observations and I'll publish the thread of our conversation on the blog. You can decide how you want to be identified, if at all, in the conversation.

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