Library Loot: At Least, What the Cat Will Reveal

I love My Library. Often I visit virtually, but I treasure my trips to the wonderful building. I traveled to my local branch Friday afternoon, and I carried out some really good books on home organization, world history, sci fi, and more.

My cat Ginger — pictured below with (or, rather, on) my library loot — supports my reading, as long as my lap remains available for her occupation. So far, so good.

My Library helped me channel my Inner Organizer with a few books on home organization and decluttering. When I got the message from the library that my books were ready, I hurried on over to pick up:

  • Love the home you have
  • Living simple, free & happy: how to simplify, declutter your home and reduce stress, debt, and waste
  • Knack organizing your home: decluttering solutions and storage ideas

Whether or not any of that wisdom sticks, My Library did its part.

I had considered writing a Haggadah for my family because I had yet to find one that inspired me (nothing personal, brother-in-law's preferred version), so I decided to look to Steve and Cokie Roberts' Our Haggadah: uniting traditions for interfaith families.

While I was picking up my holds, I wandered around the stacks. Tucked into the "NEW" books was Crosstalk, the latest by Connie Willis, and I snatched that baby right up with glee.

One of the librarians had set up a display on books about World War I, and I picked up the one that was most attractive to me: World War I in cartoons. War is terrible, and the Great War was a shock and betrayal beyond imagination.

While perusing the mystery section, I discovered a new-to-me series, Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, starting with Spouse on haunted hill by E.J. Copperman. I promptly put the first book on hold, and can't wait to give it a gander.

So, what delicious delicacies have you found at your library lately? Do tell!

As always, thanks to The Captive Reader and Silly Little Mischief for launching the "Library Loot" column that inspired me.