Summer Reading List: How's It Going?

Fellow readers, are you spending enough time with your books this summer? I suspect I am falling behind, but I tend to do that when I have a lot of books going at once.

Below is my "completed" list  from Memorial Day weekend and my nightstand list.

 As you'll notice, a few books on each list were not on my original summer read  list, but I'm flexible in that way. There are a couple of shorter pieces, but as I noted before, it all balances out.
  1. Start Late, Finish Rich
  2. Picturing Grace
  3. Divergent
  4. The Three Monarchs
  5. Moriarty
  6. Station Eleven
  7. Good Omens
Here are the books currently on my nightstand:

  1. The Light Between Oceans
  2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  3. Stepmonster
  4. Steve Jobs
  5. The Descent
  6. A God in Ruins
  7. Second Life 
  8. The Martian
  9. Man Seeks God: My Flirtation with the Divine 
  10. Alexander Hamilton
I have bookmarks in five of those books, so I may not finish them all tomorrow, but I'll have a cascade as I reach the end of some really, really good books.

Simultaneous reading doesn't always indicate boredom or slow books. Sometimes, like with The Martian, I can't take the relentless pace of excitement and revelation. 

(For the record, read The Martian this summer. You will be glad you did.)

How has your reading progressed? Are you keeping to your list, or are you veering off when something else good comes along?