A Month of Letters: How YOU Doin'?

I don't know about you, but I haven't written a single note.

My explanation is — well, unimportant. Sure, I was traveling for the first week. Then I came home and spent three days not writing any correspondences.

Then the mail arrived Friday with a stack of letters.

I will remedy that this weekend.

How's your postage holding up? Just checked out my first-class stamps and discovered I own "forever" stamps. My postcard stamps, however, are in need of penny stamps. Sigh. I'm terrible about picking up postage, which is why I purchase a lot of postage at once (then proceed to not use it in time and have to purchase penny stamps). And me with lots of photos for photo postcards!

Don't be daunted. One letter every day the mail is delivered is doable. If you're behind, grab a few postcards to catch up! Use your favorite note cards. Your recipients will be glad you did.

Have you found it a challenge to pick up the pen? Decide who's on your hit list? Find postage? Locate a mailbox? What has been your Achilles heel so far this month?