Sunday June 17, 2012. Fathers Day. 
Bicentennial Park Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Florida
I saw a man on the beach.
A  man with skin was so black it shone blue in the sun,
Streached tight  and smooth over hard lean muscles.
He was not a handsome man but his smile lit up his whole face.
He walked the beach tall and confident in jams and flip-flops,
Surrounded by a flock of young multicolored children.
Their skins were brown and tan and pink,
Their heads covered in hair of black and brown and gold
Children laughing up at him,
Vying for his attention.
Hanging on his legs and back like limpets,
Swinging from his hands and arms like monkeys.
Him swinging them around and trying not to trip,
Laughing back down at their turned up faces. 
None of the children shared his deep black skin,
None had his face lighting smile.
Just from looking I do not know if any of those children were his.
Just from looking it doesn't really matter.
All I know of this man is just what I saw when he walked down the beach.
Tall and confident in his shiney blue-black skin, jams and flip-flops
Playing with happy laughing children.
Making me smile from their enjoyment,
Making me smile from the charm and contrast of their appearance. 
Their smiles.
My smile.
All I need to know.
by Stacy McKnight