Review: A Dirty Job

Christopher Moore is one big surprise.  How would a reader expect him to deal with death and souls?  With humor, compassion and wit?  In A Dirty Job, Moore addresses this subject with a Beta male, hellhounds, secondhand-store owners and a well-dressed lesbian.

Charlie doesn't expect to win the heart of Rachel, the woman of his dreams, but sometimes life gives.  Then it takes away: at the birth of their first child, a tall man in a mint-green outfit picks up her favorite CD and leaves as she breathes her las — only Charlie wasn't supposed to be able to see him.

Faced with raising his daughter Sophie alone, he returns to his secondhand merchandise store in San Francisco to figure out the rest of his life — and doesn't get a mail delivery that would change his life.

Again Christopher Moore creates absurd situations and quirky, lovable characters who spout some of the funniest dialogue and share amazing, snort-worthy observations.  Sophie can't say "kitty."  Death merchants can't meet for coffee.  The Emperor of San Francisco and his trusted companions see and hear a lot more than more "respectable" (but less respected) people.  Charlie has to find the red, glowing belongings or the world will go dark.  And without the hellhounds, the shadows that slide across the otherwise bright pavement might actually cover more than the dark side of the street.

And no one else can appreciate the heat of Arizona like the residents of San Francisco.

Please read this book, and follow up with every other book this wonderful author has written.  I'm doing this myself, and I can't wait for the next one!


  1. I'm a huge fan of his books. A Dirty Job is one of my favorites!

  2. I think my fave so far is Fluke, with the underwater, er, what do you call it? And the whale with a message. Or maybe it's The Stupidest Angel, with a truly original Christmas story. When I read Lamb, I'll change my mind again!


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