Rethinking My 'Fill in the Gaps' Books List

I've lived with my Fill in the Gaps book list for about six months or so, and I am starting to think I put too many "should-read" books on the list and not enough "wanna-read" books.  Plus, I might already have read a couple of books I listed.

First: Ayn Rand.  I read one of her big books.   Atlas Shrugged, I think.  I think.  Granted, it was nearly 30 years ago, but I know I slogged thr — er, read one of her mammoth books.  I also read a short one: We the Living.  Maybe even Anthem, too.  I didn't keep a list when I was in high school and college, so I'm at a loss.  Plus, do I want to read it?  Really, really want to read it?  If I already did, the answer is "no."  If I didn't, the answer may be "no" anyway.  So, I shall ponder Ayn Rand.

While I'm at it, I'd better ponder Edith Wharton, too.  I know I read one of her books.  Was it The Age of Innocence?  She's not a one-hit wonder, and I don't want to miss her good stories, but there's too much to read to leave a re-read on the list.

Plus, I must strike The Seven Per-Cent Solution — I read it while dating David.  (Part of our courting was trading book suggestions.  He may never forgive me for recommending the book I was reading when we first met: The Lovely Bones.  Hey, at least I stopped him before he picked up House of Sand and Fog!)

Finally, I made the list Dickens-heavy.  He probably deserves it, but I do think I set a Dickens record on that list.  I will ponder that decision.

Here is the question: what shall I put in their places?  Well, I've been eyeing Up in the Air for a while, and I just happened to pick up a copy because I thought it was on my list.

What can you suggest I add in place of the ones being so unkindly kicked off my Gap list?  My friend Louise shared an article a Tweeter wrote to a response to her inquiry of "books that changed your life," and I was thrilled to see so many of my "gap" books on there.  (On the other hand, maybe I should have been embarrassed that I hadn't yet read them....)

Tell me what books changed your life, and why I should read them.  Offer your suggestions in the comment section below.  We'll talk.


  1. I have my Fill In The Gaps list and then a separate tbr list. I read books from both so I don't bored.
    You could always redo the list.

  2. Linda — great idea. I've got something like that, only in three lists: Fill in the Gaps, what I will read, what I want to read someday.

    Whereas my "will read" is almost manageable (almost), my "someday" list is massive! I think I have a few dozen books in storage for that list alone.


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