Dead Poets Remembrance Day: Are You In?

Just when I thought it was safe to post a holiday list, They come out with another literature-related one.  ("They" always do.)

The Dead Poets Society of America is promoting its new holiday: Dead Poets Remembrance Day.  Held on October 7, the date of Edgar Allen Poe's death, the holiday remembers all of the poets who have come before us.

The society is ramping up to that bash by having Dead Poets events in nearly every state.  In Virginia, it's at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond.  In Maryland, it's at Poe's grave.  (Do I see a trend here?)  In D.C, they leave Poe alone.  Check out the list on the link from the Dead Poets Society Web page.

A little macabre?  Sure.  But if you can't love a dead poet, who can you love?