TMI in a Book Review

When I saw the Washington Post had published a review of Black Hills, too, I wanted to compare it to my review, just for fun.

I find most reviewers reveal way too much about the storyline of a movie, book or television show, but since I had read the book, I wasn't too worried that the reviewer would sully the review with spoilers, at least for me.

What I didn't expect was a spoiler for another Simmons book on my reading list.

The Post's reviewer quickly included comparisons to Simmons' other recent novels, including The Terror, which is next in my lineup of readables.  Did I really need to have the book mini-reviewed here?  And with spoilers?

I get that there may be similarities between the books, so compare them.  Heck, I did the same thing with Drood in my review.

However, please don't reveal the entire story, including the finale, as a casual side note to the Real Review.

I'm a bit of a purist.  After reading the Post's review of the latest Indiana Jones movie, I didn't need to go to the theater.  (Thanks, Post.)  As a result, I don't read Post movie reviews.  I think I'll have to eschew the paper's book reviews as well.  And that disappoints me because I'm such a fan of the Post.  Oh, well.  Live and learn.


  1. I saw that and thought it was unnecessary. She did it in such a flippant way.

    I used to love curling up with Book World on Sunday mornings, but I hardly read any of the reviews sprinkled helter skelter all over the place now. It just doesn't work for me. I read that one because I recognized Simmons' name, but otherwise would have passed it up, too.

    I love the Post and I love reading the paper every morning, but I have a feeling I am a dinosaur in this regard and that in the not too distant future there will no longer be a daily newspaper in DC. It will be a sad day for me!

    Anyway, sorry she spoiled it for you!

  2. Thank you!

    Yeah, I'm unhappy about the demise of the weekly Book World. They've also gotten rid of the "literary calendar" and now send readers to a dynamic calendar that doesn't list all events, no matter how much they pretend it does. At least, that's the way the calendar was last time I checked; maybe they're back to doing it the old-fashioned, EFFECTIVE way.

  3. Chris, you know, you might want to email the Post to complain about the spoiler in that review. It was really unnecessary and should have been caught by an editor (not that the Post has money to pay editors anymore!).

  4. That's actually a good idea. I was going to leave a comment on the Web page, but the comments area was closed.

    And *someone* has to put it on the page, so *someone* is responsible, so that person needs to be accountable!

  5. Katie, I'm thrilled that you contacted the Post about the spoilers — and that the ombudsman replied so quickly. I hope you get sufficient follow-up.


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