Top Five Lists: The Top 5 Signs You're Taking a Work of Fiction WAY Too Seriously

Top Five List for Bookies:

                         NOTE FROM CHRIS:

        Fans of the movie "Avatar" are looking for ways to
        cope with depression caused by the planet Pandora
        being fictional. One such fan wrote on the fansite
       "Naviblue" that he contemplated suicide after seeing
     the movie because he would never actually see the beauty
    and perfection that are Pandora and its Na'vi population.

             "Gee, Chris, that guy was totally nuts.
           How can I tell if I'm similarly afflicted?"

                        Glad you asked...

                   The Top 5 Signs You're Taking
         a Work of Fiction WAY Too Seriously

 5> Your bookie calls to tell that, once again, Ravenclaw didn't
    cover the Quidditch point spread.

 4> Yes, you adored the scene in "Gone With the Wind" where
    Scarlett O'Hara made a dress out of her home's window curtains.
    But YOU did it at the office. With the mini-blinds. Dave.

 3> "Sorry, pal, but 'no shirt, no shoes, no service" even applies
    to Hobbits."

 2> You've carved a lightning bolt into your forehead and renamed
    your imaginary girlfriend Ginny, and today you blasted Brad
    the football star with the Tineus Cruris cruse.

              and's Number 1 Sign You're
          Taking a Work of Fiction WAY Too Seriously...

 1> You've been turning tricks for months, but still no sign of
    Richard Gere.

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