Summer Reading: Poking Along

Not to brag, but my reading is poking along at a speed that would get it run off the road in any country.

Just kidding. 

About the bragging part, that is. Seriously, I am putting along at an embarrassingly slow pace.

So far, in the nine weeks of summer reading, I've read a whopping 11 books.


Please note that last year, I read more than two dozen books. Granted, quite a few were graphic novels, but we established that such a fete is not "cheating" because the visual details in a graphic novel are intense and must be studied carefully.

I am mixing it up this summer. I just finished the book for Dear Evan Hansen, which required listening to the soundtrack as well as reading the story. It's more than dialogue. It's also stage direction. That &$%# ain't easy.

I am cutting myself some slack because the book I read immediately before that was The Devil's Arithmetic. I have to thank The New Yorker article on Holocaust books for children for that amazing discovery. 

Earlier this year, I read The Emerald Circus by Jane Yolen, and trusted the author. I plan to trust the author again and again with a few of her other books. I'm looking forward to it in an enriching, challenging way. 

A have a few weighty reads to explore to in the upcoming weeks, such as The Divine Comedy, Norwegian Wood, and We Were Eight Years in Power.

I also have to schedule in a few books from authors that will be featured at this year's Fall for the Book festival, and catch up with the Kopp sisters.

How goes your summer reading? Have you hit any obstacles, or has it been smooth sailing in the summer sun? Do tell!