Summer Reading: What Karen is Reading This Summer

I hope your summer reading is coming along swimmingly. 

If you are in the areas on the globe experiencing record rains and/or record heat, hopefully you can spend extra time indoors and get more reading done.

Intrepid Reader Karen has planned her summer reading carefully, and I see at least one or two books from her list that dovetail with titles I find interesting. Who among us has not salivated over adventure tales or time-travel stories? I rest my case.

So, without further ado, here is Karen's reading list (also fondly referred to as TBR, or to be read, stack):

  1. Pope Francis’ Little Book of Compassion
  2. Troublemaker 
  3. Never Broken: Songs are Only Half the Story 
  4. Outlander series books 1-8
  5. The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost 
  6. Beyond the Fortune Teller’s Tent
  7. Legend of the Jade Dragon 
  8. The Pocket Watch
  9. Holy Bible 
  10. Morna’s Legacy 
  11. The Ruby Red Trilogy 
  12. Dragon Bones
  13. Lost City of Z
  14. The Source 
  15. The Secret Scroll
  16. Man & Horse: The Long Ride Across America 
  17. Elixir: A Teen-Genius Medical Thriller 

I adored the Ruby Red Trilogy, and I have been meaning to read The Lost City of Z for ages. I read only the first Outlander novel, so maybe it's time to see what's up with Claire and Jaimie. And, frankly, who doesn't love Jewel?

So, what's in your TBR pile? Join the club, and win a chance at a new book! Post your list in the comments below, or send it to me and I'll share with the class!