Get Ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day April 29!

Poem in Your Pocket Day is April 29. Are you ready?

Here's one to get you started — and you can check out Pocket Poems to see an entire book of fun, sometimes goofy, often profound poems for your pockets.

Pocket Poem

With a poem in your pocket
a pocket in your pants
you can rock with new rhythms.
You can skip.
You can dance.
And wherever you go,
and whatever you do,
that poem in your pocket is going there, too.
You could misplace your homework.
You could lose your left show.
But that poem in your pocket will be part of you.
And nothing can take it.
And nothing can break it.
That poem in your pocket
part of...

by Bobbi Katz

What's your pocket poem? Tell me!